Action on crime priorities for Alwoodley

Keith White Labour’s Alwoodley Candidate for the 2014 Council elections has welcomed Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson’s new initiative to help reduce burglaries and help local people who are burgled.

This new initiative involves:

  • ensuring full house to house enquiries are conducted close to a burgled house so that people are aware that a burglary has taken place and any evidence available is gathered;
  • making sure the victim knows what action has been taken and the police are there to prevent any repeat or other offences locally; and
  • offering crime prevention advice to local residents including a home security assessment to make properties more secure.

Keith comments “For Alwoodley preventing, reducing, and detecting burglaries is a local policing priority and recent information shows burglaries in our area reducing by 18%. This new initiative will make a difference and help to reduce crime further in our community.”

Labour is also campaigning to keep more of the proceeds of crime seized by the police local so they can be used to support measures to tackle and reduce crime further. Currently the Treasury takes half and only half is kept here in West Yorkshire.  Labour is campaigning to keep all that money here working to make your area safer. You can sign the petition here.

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