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Action needed on the Cost of Living Crisis

Working people are £1500 a year worse off under the Tory/LibDem Government
Working people are an average of almost £1,500 a year worse off under this Government. Almost a million young people are unemployed and Energy bills are up by almost £300 since 2010.  So what was David Cameron and George Osborne’s response? A tax cut for people earning over £150,000.

Ed Miliband has announced Labour’s plan to tackle the cost of living crisis, which includes, for example: freezing gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017; cutting taxes for 24 million working people by introducing a lower 10p starting rate of tax; reducing VAT, expanding free childcare for 3 & 4 year olds to 25 hours a week for working parents; building 200,000 homes a year by 2020 and many other initiatives.

Labour’s plans to tackle the cost of living for people on low and average incomes received unexpected support this week with the Institute for Economic Affairs publishing a report which says that Labour’s policy to cut VAT would deliver the most benefit to the poorest in society.

Alwoodley resident John Hales discussing the cost of living crisis with Keith White and Fabian Hamilton

Alwoodley resident John Hales discussing the cost of living crisis with Keith White and Fabian Hamilton

Alwoodley resident John Hales talking to Labour candidate Keith White and Fabian Hamilton MP about the problems hard working families face said: “It’s very hard to make ends
meet now with big increases in our power bills and things generally getting so expensive. May people in Alwoodley really do need help.”

For details of Labours plan to tackle the cost of living crisis visit Labour here.

Our NHS is 65…

Our NHS turned 65 years old on 5th July 2013 and yet far from being pensioned off it is working harder and achieving more for us than ever.

Despite the scare stories and the attempts to run down what our health service does by the Tories who seem determined to break it up the those who work in and those who use the NHS know what a great service it provides.

Fabian at NHS Rally June2013

Fabian speaking at the NHS is 65 rally in Millennium Square, Leeds

On the Saturday before the official birthday of the NHS Unison organised a celebration rally in Millennium Square and amongst those attending to show their support was Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton.

Speaking at and after the event Fabian commented “The fact that the NHS is still so popular today is a testament to the vision of its founders and the radical nature of the change they brought about – providing healthcare on the basis of need rather than ability to pay. The NHS is one of the great achievements of country, created by a Labour Government, and it is an achievement we must continue to work hard to protect.”