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Tory top down re-organisation of the NHS delays development of new Medical Centre for Alwoodley!

We’ve all known for a while that the Tory instigated and unnecessary changes to our NHS will cause problems, and now those problems are hitting Alwoodley.

A much needed new Health Centre proposed to be built off King Lane near Moor Allerton Centre has been delayed thanks to the abolition of the local Primary Care Trust that had given the proposal the go ahead.

The Tories top down changes to the National Health Service mean that even though the scheme has the backing of the Council, local GPs and the local community keen for new services and an end to parking misery around older GP’s surgeries, the scheme now needs a new approval from NHS England; and that doesn’t look like happening quickly.

Your Labour council is working hard to try and break this logjam working with all relevant parties; and Alwoodley Rose will keep you informed.